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16 February 2015 @ 11:21 pm
[sticky post] Howdy!  
Hello there! I'm fulgaraverde, although Miv (or even Mirren) is also fine, and easier to say. This blog is my little fannish space, which consists mostly of fic and mixes, and my own occasional analysis/meta thrown in for good measure.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms, albeit tangentially in a lot and mostly very lurky in all but a few.  My tagging system is a mixture of the practical and the bizarre, and am prone to the occasional ramble, but it's all in good fun, really. 

I post mostly about fandom, because my life isn't really that interesting, but I do occasionally post about other things as well. 

It's entirely possible, if not downright probable, that you're only here for the fan stuff, in which case the master post is below this one, and happy hunting.  In regards to friending, you are quite welcome to friend and defriend me at will - my blog isn't flocked, although it used to be, and I have no plans to go back to that currently. If you want to, a little 'hello' comment here never goes amiss. Messaging me is also totally open - it might sometimes take a while to respond, but I always will.
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01 January 2020 @ 07:13 pm

Last Updated: 28/5/2012. Alright, so here is the drill. All of my various fanworks (admittedly not much, but still) are in here, regardless of medium. Everything is divided by fandom first, then by verse (if applicable) or comm/challenge (again, when applicable) and then by medium (so fic, mix, graphic, whatever). Fandoms with more than one work get their own section, and meta posts/theory-filled rambles are in the bottom section.

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27 October 2012 @ 05:28 pm
So, avengers_land is a really nifty landcomm I'm part of. I'm a captain of Team Civilian and we could really, really do with some new members. If you join, be sure to say I referred you!

03 August 2012 @ 11:21 pm
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    A short fic written for Challenge #4: Leading Ladies, at avengers_land. Both title and cut-text are from Shakespeare, more specifically King Lear.    

the stars above us (govern our conditions)// jane, sif, g, 535 words

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Having watched the latest episode of Once Upon a Time,my brain has become entirely full of thoughts and theories about this show and the characters and, well, everything. Apparently I didn't need sleep or time to work or any of those other things that are just for wimps. This particular post is, as the title says, full of musings on the assertion that True Love's Kiss is the undoing of any curse.

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06 January 2012 @ 12:13 am
 2011 - the latter half, at least - was pretty decent for me, in fandom terms. I made a couple of mixes that I was verypleased with, and for once my brain sat down and finished a fic, which I'm sad to say hardly ever happens. Using that momentum, I'm going to make a list to try and springboard myself into the new year.

* Plan, write and post the sequel to Scream Hallelujah, Darling.
* Write at least one and possibly two more fics, besides that sequel, for the X Men: First Class fandom.
* Post a work of at least 5000 words in at least two other fandoms.

* Make and post at least one fanmix in three separate fandoms, more if possible.

It's a pretty modest list - probably 40k worth of words, maybe more, plus the time to make the mixes - but I figure I should walk before I run. Hopefully I'll end up achieving these goals and more, but we'll see. 
21 December 2011 @ 11:36 pm
So, what with all the release 88 fuckery going around at the moment (I'm still convinced it's an effort to get every single journal to switch to S2 styles by making S1 unusable, but hey, I'm a cynic) I'm starting a Dreamwidth account and importing all my stuff over there. I have not decided to quit LJ just yet - I live in hope that things will be changed back to the previous system. I'll probably be around/posting less though, as at the moment I really can't stand looking at the new comment page - it's a monstrosity and no mistake. Until the hopefully eventual day that everything goes back to the way it was, there's DW, AO3 and even ff.net, which are all pretty good (so far) at not fucking with systems that aren't broken. So yeah.